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Member Benefits

Benefits of Barter

1. Increase Market Share:
Expand your market while maintaining your cash paying customers. When accepting barter business, not only do you increase sales, you take sales away from your competitors.

2. Reduce Overhead Costs:
Using incremental barter sales to offset daily operating expenses can reduce overhead costs, i.e janitorial service, coffee service, vehicle maintenance, signage, etc.

3. Collect Slow Receivables:
When a buyer consistently causes a collection problem for you or is limited to purchases due to their credit standing, offer barter as a method of payment. There are no receivables in barter transactions.

4. Generate Referrals/Expand Your Customer Base:
You will gain new cash paying customers through barter customers referrals.
More barter typically means more people talk about your business and refer new potential cash customers to your door you otherwise wouldn't find.

5. Purchasing Agents:
You get a full time staff working on your behalf to locate goods and services you require.

6. Enhance Employee Benefits:
Secure employee loyalty and productivity by bartering products for medical/dental services, vehicle repairs and incentive items.

7. Convert Excess Inventory:
Don't have any inventories sit idle. List slow moving goods with TAC and earn trade that can be used for today's operating expenses. Retailers must keep their inventory moving. TAC can help you move excess inventory as opposed to steep advertising costs and heavy discounting.

8. Utilize Excess Capacity:
As fixed costs remain the same during good times and slow times, utilize the capacity on hand to produce products or provide services for something available on barter.
For example: Hotels; if you have 10 vacant rooms at $150/nt and you need a new brochure for $1500.00, Barter provides a way, in which you can buy your brochure, fill your rooms (at your cost on the rooms)and maintain your cash.

9. Conserve Cash:
You can conserve cash by using inventories and excess capacity to purchase operating expenses (accounting, answering service, payroll, printing) which are normally paid on a cash basis.

10. Budget and Implement:
Take the time to prepare a barter budget and be sure to implement each one of your ideas through the year. If you budget for it... you can make it happen.